Your strategic corporate

pension adviser

We are passionate about delivering DB sustainability

Challenge the status quo

Closure to future accruals and persistent deficits are not inevitable: there is material scope to improve on the status quo

Improve engagement

We help sponsors realise their potential to reduce deficit and manage contributions while mitigating risks

Enhance M&A deals

Our ability to deliver bespoke solutions maximises M&A value

Our approach is to align all parties

Shared strategy

The cornerstone of our solutions is the buy-in of all parties to a win-win strategy

Transparent governance

We assist the many stakeholders to work through the inherent conflicts of interest to reach an agreed framework

Independent advice

Our business model and fee structure are conflict-free

“Zephyrus Partners are Capgemini's trusted corporate pension advisers. They have been instrumental in advising us on UK pension issues, delivering outstanding analysis and comprehensive solutions from benefit design to ALM.”

Lucia Sinapi-Thomas,Corporate Finance and Risk Management Director, Capgemini S.A.